Tips for how to do self study for students: Self Studies is always supposed as a boring and irritating job for everyone. It is quite easy for everyone to study in a group because whenever you feel any problem in any sum then you can discuss it with your group friends. And also you can have a little bit of fun when you start feeling bored from the study. But what if you are at home and there is no one to help you. Yes of course it is hard job for everyone that what should I do now and how can I do self study.

Self study is kind of action where you get to know your strength of fighting alone. With the help of self study you become independent of everyone and you become self –dependent to tackle all the milestones (How to be self Motivated all the time?). So now the question is”how to do self study”. I am writing this article to help those students who do not have group and who want tips that how to do self study.

Tips for how to do self study for students

Buy some interesting story books or Magazine

Here buying story books and magazines do not means that you have to pass or waste your precious time. The Motto of reading story books or magazine is just to make you involved with the reading. If you are a groupie boy or girl then it will be very difficult for you to sit alone and study. So you should read some interesting stories and with the help of which you will develop a self-reading power in you.Tips for how to do self study for students

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Set a target to achieve

Personally setting goals is not my own way, but as a student I will recommend it, you should set a target that you have to beat the topper of the class or you have to be the topper of the class (How to top in Board Exams). When you set a goal then you mind gets alert that this is your end line and you have to reach to it. You start working with more power than ever before. It will push you to do self study because toppers are made with the help of self study and on other way. Yes study in a group is also good (Advantages of studying in groups.) but all the topper fights alone at home by studying lots of books.

Study Timing is important

Seriously all the above points may seem to you that they are not practical Because whenever you start studying alone you get bored and call up your friend “Hey please bro come I can’t study anymore” (How to manage study Interruptions). Yes it happens with at all. The solution for this problem is, you need to choose only that time where no one can disturb you or no one can come to help you. Let’s say if you are studying in evening then I think that it is not a good time bro because this is the peak time when you do hang-out with your friends. Choose the time late night or early morning when no friend can come to your home (How to Make a perfect time table.).

Decide what to study before sitting

When I was in my academic then I faced this problem many time. I was determined that yes I have to study now but when I used to sit, I go through the syllabus and say oh! from last 1 hr I am just continuously studying. I used to say that I will discuss it with my friends tomorrow and yes that tomorrow never came. The solution for this problem is before sitting, assign yourself a task that you have to do this, whether you study your syllabus but make sure that you should give your syllabus a predefined time

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How to build self confidence and esteem

Do Meditation

Oh! I am reading this article to get some tips for how to do self study and you are saying that do meditation. Is it a yoga class or what? No my friend it is not a yoga class, meditation is not like sitting and doing mantra jaap ( What is Medication and how to do it.). Everything is meditation when you concentrate with physically or mentally presence. I am suggesting you to meditate because while studying you will need this. Concentrate on what you study and don’t think that whether my girlfriend will come to college tomorrow or not. That is called meditation when you completely focus on you study.

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Go for a walk daily

Yak! I can’t do that sir seriously it is impossible for me because I have tried it earlier many time but get nothing. Again I will say that prepare your mind first that you don’t have any option and you have to go for it. Tell your mind that many time you awoke early in the morning when you had to go for a college trip then why not now. It is the trip of your soul my friend. Now practically, how morning walk helps you in study. When you studying lot, your body need to get some fresh air from the nature and of course morning walk can give you that fresh air (Benefits of Morning walk for students). And also when your body releases sweat then each part of the body starts working functionally. It also increases your sitting power.

Feel the joy of Self-Dependency

Now at last I will just say that when you have started self-study then you should keep it working because it will make you feel so pleasant. You will see your presence in the class room that you will be giving answer of the teacher’s questions which you had never done before.

So these are the tips for how to do self study for students. If you feel any problem then hit comment button and tell us about your problem.