Tips for how to prepare for JEE-Mains: Joint entrance exam main is the first step for every students of science. With the help of this, one can take admission in the top engineering colleges like IIT and NIT’s . Every year this exam comes up with new challenges for the students. Students who clear JEE-Main will be able for the advance test which is held for admission in IIT’s. Now let us talk about that how to clear the first step i.e. JEE-Main. JEE-Main is compulsory for all the students who want to take admission in any of the engineering college.

Yes it is a fact that there will be only one exam which will be taken for all the colleges. Whether you want to take admission in NIT, IIT and other college, you have to give JEE-Main test. So its preparation becomes prime concern for the students. As we know that this exam is really tough (How to deal with exam stress) but it is not a fact because many students clear this easily with some tips or strategies. So here are some tips that how to prepare for JEE-Main. I am writing this article tips for how to prepare for JEE-Mains for all the students of 11th, 12th and pass out students.

tips for how to prepare for JEE-Mains.

Tips for how to prepare for JEE-Mains

Firstly understand yourself

I will just say that know yourself that how powerful are you? You are something that is why you are given this chance. You need to understand that you are capable of cracking this exam easily (How to build self confidence). Don’t ever think that this exam is just for studious candidates. There are many average students who cleared this exam and of course no candidate is studious before the result comes, so just forget about this and start your preparation by focusing that there is no option you have now. You have to clear this exam only and nothing else.

Have a perfect Time table

The best time table is that which have started earlier from its target, so start your preparation from 11th class beginning. But if you are late then don’t think that you are out of the race because it’s never too late. If you have a perfect time table according to the subject matter then you can clear it from now too. Try to make a time table (How to make the perfect time table) that covers all the aspects like your study, rest, game and tuition class time etc.

Base is Must

As I have stated that you need to start earlier but if the time has passed then you still can pick those books again which you have read in 11th class. I am saying this because your base will matter a lot there. There are many questions which come directly from the basic knowledge. Also take board exam seriously (How to top in board exams) because marks of board exam will also be counted in admission. So make your base strong as it will help you in difficult questions too.

Follow some good Books

Choose books very carefully because these are like your weapons for this exam. Most of the students prefer many kind of books but Pardeep books are best for the base of physics and chemistry. For math S.C. Sharma and comprehensive math is best, if you want some books for practice questions then Arihant books are best.

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Practice is the key

Ones your base is clear and you have all the books then you need to practice them a lot. As we all know that practice makes the man perfect. So you also need to understand this fact that more you practice more will be the chance for you to crack the exam. With this you can get the depth of the questions asked in the exam. Without practice no coaching institute can make you ready to clear the JEE-Main exam ( How to do self study).

Last year exams can help you

Last year exams are like the source of clues for the target. If you study all the last year papers then you will be able to understand that what kind of questions will be asked there.

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Never bunk the classes

Students bunk there important class for films and games(How to Manage interruption in study)  but all of your classes whether they are of tuition or school are important. I will not say that sometimes it is fine, because you must make your time according to it so that you can give time to them too. But bunking your classes is never a good idea.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and get what you wanted. So these are the tips for how to prepare for JEE-Mains. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then comment below so that we can solve out your problems