Tips for ssb NDA interview |strategies | Tricks:-Interview is the last step towards selection in NDA exam. You cannot take it so easily because if you don’t clear this step then you will get out of the race. And after that no one will praise you for clearing the written examination and all the physical, Psychological test and medical test, all will just go to in the dust.

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So take this as serious as you have taken your written examination and other test. I am writing this article to help those aspirants who clear all the steps but fail in the final step that is INTERVIEW. Here I am going to tell you about Tips for ssb NDA interview |strategies | Tricks

Tips for ssb NDA interview | strategies |Tricks

Timing is crucial

Whatever the situation is please try to reach at venue before 15 minutes. You need to leave your home early so that you can reach there on time. If you have arrived too early then don’t just sit over there and get depressed. You can take a walk on the floor which will make you calm.

First impressions is the last impression

Yes very true, it seems somewhat tricky but really if you ask a Psychologist then you will get to know that how accurate is this. You must enter into the room with a smile and with a great confident. You need to have formal handshake. Eye contact is very important.

Dressing sense

For boys they just need to wear formal Pent Shirt and for girls candidates they can wear formal pent shirt or Formal Suit Salwar. Don’t spray so much deodorant or perfume because you are not going for any wedding party. Be formal and behave formal.

Introduction Part

Introduction part is plays a vital role in your selection. There are few parts of into part given below

Greetings (E.g. Good Morning Sir/Madam)

Your Name and place (I am XXXX and I am from Delhi)

Academic (I have dome my schooling from XXXX School with 77%, Then I did my 12th class from XXXX school with 82% .

Family background (if necessary)

Interest/skills (I like to do internet surfing and blogging)

In the End say “that’s all about me thanks.”

Be Eager (Energetic)

You have called for the interview because they know that you can do this job. Now it is on you to prove them you are the best among all those candidates who have been interviewed so far. Don’t be nervous, you deserve to be here. Don’t ever think about the past whatever had happened with you just tell them that you are willing to take this opportunity.

Given situation

You may be given some situation on which your personnel opinion will be asked. Don’t get emotional, use your mind and then give answer to the interviewer. E.g. let’s say that you have given a situation that is you are in plane and the plane is just to crash now. If there are three persons in the plane a teacher, a doctor, and a soldier. And you can save only one person then who will you saves??

At first site only two answers come in mind that you should save doctor or teacher because they helped many persons but the answer for this is that you should save the soldier because he never had a great enjoying life and eh should be given a chance to live life happily.

So these are some common Tips for ssb NDA interview |strategies | Tricks

ALL the very BEST..!!!