Top International English language exams to go abroad: Studying abroad is always a dream for many of us. About 6 million students enroll for the English language tests to go and study abroad every year. You might have heard that if you want to study abroad then you have to give an English language exam.

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But there are many exams, so how will you decide that which exam is needed for particular course or study. This question may puzzles many minds that whether they should go for IELTS or TOELF to go abroad for study. Here is the list of top international exams to go abroad that will help you to decide that which exam is for you.

Top International English language exams to go abroad


It stands for International English language Testing System. IELTS tests the proficiency of a student en English. Exam council checks that whether the person can communicate in English language or not. Is he able to speak in English or not?

It is managed by British council, Cambridge ESOL and IDP Education jointly. Britain, America, New Zealand, Canada Australia and South Africa etc. accept this exam. 0-9 bands are given to the students in this exam.

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It stands for Test of English as a foreign language. It checks the ability of students in understanding and capturing English language at university level. Over 8600 colleges accept TOELF scores. This exam is valid for two years. There are two types of test taken in TOEFL. An internet based test or and paper based test. Any non- native English speaker can give this exam to take admission in USA and other universities.


GMAT is very common among the management students. This exam allows students to go abroad for studying management programs like MBA and management in accountancy. This exam is primarily for USA but all other English speaking countries also use it. The fees taken for GMAT is 250$ and it is a computer based test of English and mathematics both.

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Cambridge ESOL

Cambridge ESOL is abbreviated as English for speakers of other languages. This exam can be taken as a proof of your proficient English in USA, Canada and Australia. Cambridge ESOL is accepted by 13000 colleges and universities all over the world.


It stands for graduate record examination. There are two sections in this exam: general English test and subject test. This test requires in taking admission in the universities of USA and other countries graduate courses universities.

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It was all about Top International English language exams to go abroad. I hope it was beneficial for you. If you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.