Top tips to prepare for cat exam 2015: Complete guideTop tips to prepare for cat exam 2015: Complete guide: The race has started to take admission in the most prestigious institutes for MBA programs. Candidates have started finding various coaching centers for CAT exam. There is no one who wants to take any chance for this unpredictable exam.

As every year this exam opens new hampers for candidates to shock them so it has become more tough task for students to crack cat exam. This exam needs your skills that how you face and solve problems by your own strategies. So before going for it prepare your own mind. Rest I will try to give you my best in this complete article.

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Keep reading because now I am giving you answers most common questions asked by the candidates when they prepare for CAT. This will help you to win your mind and build faith that you are also capable of cracking CAT this year.

Is CAT not made for average students?

As most of us are in the final year and in college these useless conversation always take place that our topper will definitely crack CAT in his first attempt. Believe me or not but these type of conversation puts a fear in the mind of other students (who are average) that CAT is only made for the toppers.

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If you are a part of group then you cannot be away from all these nonsense talks but I will suggest you to ask yourself.

Is there any condition in CAT exam that only toppers can appear this year?

Of course the answer is no then why you feel that you are less than your topper.

Academic exams are text based where you write and get marks but CAT exam is logic based where only your skills and practice help your in getting good percentile.

Should I take coaching for CAT? Is it so necessary?

Oh sorry, I discussed only single race above that is among the candidates. There is one another race has also begun that is race among the coaching center to fill their vacant seats of crash courses or one year batches.

Delhi is our capital and it should be ranked first among all the cities in the planet for having countless coaching centers even at home. It is has become a factory of coaching centers where parents and candidates both invest money to have a better product.

See, I am not pointing my finger on all the institutes because there are still some good coaching centers. But in exam like CAT, coaching center’s contribution is only 10-15 % (It is for their practice session). Rest I don’t think that there is any necessary of coaching centers.

You can setup these test sections at your home too.

I have no friends, how to study CAT alone at home?

This is the biggest reason that why most of the students are joining various coaching centers. They feel alone when they sit to prepare for the exam. I admit that studying in groups always produces better results but cat exam preparation is not your group project where you all have to give answer as ONE.

You have to learn each and everything from your own. And the ultimate solution to overcome your loneliness in preparation is using social  networking websites.

In social media websites, you will find lots of groups and friends who are preparing for CAT. You can take help from them and also discuss your problems with them.

Also you will find few seniors who have cleared this exam and of course it is like icing on the cake.

When should I start preparation for CAT?

Frankly speaking, only 6 months are required to crack CAT exam. Rests are just use less talks that you must start preparation for CAT after your 12th class. It is good that you be aware of the level of this exam and if you invest one hour daily from 12th class then it will help you a lot in your exam.

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But strictly it is not necessary because there are many examples of aspirants who cleared this exam by investing their 6 months into it. Yes of course, you need to be much disciplined in these 6 months.

Top tips to prepare for cat exam 2015: Complete guide

From today, when I am writing this article, we have almost one year for this exam. So it is good if you start preparation from now by studying for 2 hours daily.

Tips you should follow before CAT exam 2015

Ask yourself why you are going for CAT?

Never follow the sheep race; it will not take you anywhere at least in the case of CAT. Students are giving this exam because the whole class is going to give the same. Also there are many parents who force their children to give this exam because Sharma ji son’s got good percentile last year.

It is only you who have to decide that what is right and what is wrong for you. Ask yourself that

Why you want to go for cat this year?

Are you doing this because of others?

Is this just you affection?

Know yourself because only you have to perform their.

Knowing is everything

Ones you get sure about your mindset then just start focusing on the exam. Find all the related information that s required for the exam.

Study the syllabus and pattern seriously because without them you know nothing about the exam.

Management of time    

Time management is the very first ingredient in the success of CAT exam. It is all about your management that how fast you crack and solve any problem. Also not even in the exam time but also when you are preparing for the exam it is necessary that you make a perfect time table for each section.

Give specific time to all the sections and work more on the high scoring sections. Your time table should be dynamic that can be changed easily because we all are social persons and we have lots of responsibilities too at our home. Be disciplines on what you plan and what you decide to do.

Read newspaper, magazines and use internet to enhance vocabulary

If someone says you that you are wasting your time in reading magazines and newspapers then he must be making fool himself or yours. As CAT exam also contains English section, where an advanced vocabulary is needed so you need to improve your vocabulary too for the exam.

And the best option I find is newspapers, magazines and internet. It should be in your daily routine that you have to read at least one page of a newspaper. Subscribe to any online blog where you can find lots of stuff to learn English grammar.

Magazines are interesting in reading and it also refreshes your mind and by the same time you still working for the exam.

I recommend The Hindu and Time of India for CAT exam.

Take mock tests and solve previous year papers

Here I come at the most important part of CAT exam preparation. I hope you remember that I told you the only benefit of coaching centers which is mock tests.

So if you are not taking any coaching then you cannot just leave this section.

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There are lots of websites that offer online mock tests of CAT on the internet. Make an environment of online exams and attempt complete test. After completing the test, find which sections you are weak in? And what are the areas you should work more?

As each year CAT changes its style and patter but still it is good if you try to solve previous year papers. With this, you will get to know the difficulty level of this exam.

Beyond regular hard work

I always suggest students to do hard work if you have less time but if you work more than your strength then it is not going to help in your exam. CAT exam is all about your mental state at the time of exam that how you face problems. And a tired mind can never answer these questions which are totally logic based.

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So if you have worked hard then it is the time to take some rest. It is proven that if you study continuously for a long time then your mind starts forgetting everything. For better results you should make a time interval of at least 15 minutes after 2 hours study. With this, your mind will be able to absorb what you have learnt previously.

Keep learning new things

Never stop you mind in learning new things always find new solutions for the problems. Make your own tricks to crack the problems. All the toppers have this quality that they never stop learning whatever the platform they have got. And it is their learning skill that makes them the topper

How to crack the questions in exam?

So far we have discussed that how to prepare for CAT exam 2015. And now I am going to share some secret tips for how to crack questions at the time of exam.

Identify easy, average and typical questions

The paper of CAT is set in a very smart way. It is the technique of students that how they identify easy, average and typical questions of the paper. There are many questions that can be answered by solving up to two or three steps.

These questions always raise your percentile and saves times for other questions that are typical. If you have analyzed difficult questions then don’t just waste your precious time on them, leave them and move to the other questions.

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When you are sure that you have completed all these questions then it is a good time to solve difficult questions. Also your raised confidence will help you to solve them easily.

Apply different methods

As there may be some situations where you will not be able to solve problems by your learnt method. So don’t just stick to a single method, try all the methods you can apply for the question. Few questions are not method based so for then use hit and trail method to crack them.

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Applying all possible methods will raise your chances of solving any problem.

Optimize your time

I am not joking but problems of CAT exam is not that much tough. If you spend some time on them, you will easily find their solution. So what is the key ingredient that creates so much difference in your percentile and toppers percentile.

It is your optimization of time. You will be given specific time for doing complete test and how you use your time? How quickly you solve problems is all what we call CAT EXAM?

Elimination of odd choices

Sometimes we find stupid options for few problems. These stupid options are kept there to waste your time because you will think about them for few seconds surely. Try to be mature (Not over mature) in the exam.

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You should be at least this much smart that you don’t waste your time in thinking about these options. As you find these options in the problem, just eliminate them and start focusing on the rest ones.

Use shortcuts

You should memorize all the general and shortcut formulas of mathematics so that you can quickly answer any question by using them. With shortcuts you can save lots of you precious time.

Do and Don’t of CAT Exam Preparation
  1. Never make fake excuse for not following the time table admit your faults.
  2. Never follow too many books for one section as it will waste your time.
  3. Stop thinking what others are preparing; you must focus on yourself only.
  4. Always reach before half an hour on the day of examination.
  5. Learn about how to give online exam as it will increase your speed.
  6. Don’t distract yourself from study due to friend’s useless chat and social media websites use.

It was all about Top tips to prepare for cat exam 2015: Complete guide. If you feel any problem while preparing for CAT exam then please comment below so that we can solve your problem.

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