Top Tips to score highest marks in 12th board exams: 12th Board exams are very important for our whole career and education. Getting good marks in 12th class board exams is always a tricky task for many of the students. It is quite obvious that students are so serious about 12th exams because if they score highest marks then there will be many career options for them after 12th class.

Of course there are various courses after 12th class but to take admission in repudiated institutes one must score good marks in 12th class board exams. Here I am giving you some top tips to score highest marks in 12th class board exams. I hope these tips will help you a lot in coming 12th board exams.

Top Tips to score highest marks in 12th board exams

Before exams

There are few steps that you need to take before your 12th board exams.

Be confident and dedicated

It is your dedication that will push you forward in getting highest marks in 12th board exams. Know yourself that you can achieve the best position in these exams. Feel positive about you and try to be self motivated all the time. If you want to know more about yourself, learn how to do meditation deeply. With the help of meditation, all your worries and fear will go out from you.

Make a plan

When I was in 12th standard, I used to make plan for each exam separately. Your strategies will help you in learning the whole syllabus very quickly. Students must know how to manage time for study in exams time. Give proper time to all the subjects and try to learn your syllabus according to the time table. With the help of time table, you will be able to learn difficult parts of your syllabus too.Top Tips to get highest marks in 12th board exams

Revise the syllabus

Making plan and being dedicated may boost your moral but actual problems will come in front of you when you study the syllabus. Firstly read the whole syllabus in a descriptive manner. After taking a review of your syllabus, don’t just try to start reading first chapter. Find the important parts that are asked a lot in the exams. Firstly cover the important part of the syllabus and after being confidant start reading the complete subject.

Practice previous year papers

When you complete you syllabus reading, don’t seat like you have done everything. It is the time to test yourself and polish more and more your strengths. Take previous year papers and solve them in the same situation like real board exams. Give your test a specific time of 3 hours. These techniques will help you in the real exam and you will never stuck in any situation.

On the day of examination

It is the most important day; because if you do not perform well then all your previous preparation will go into the dust.

Be ready with all important gadgets

Always try to reach on the examination center before half an hour so that you can relax your body. Take your geometry box, Pen, pencil and all other gadgets that will be required in the examination. These are not your class exam where you will ask for the pen or pencil and waste your precious time. Better you should be prepared with your own gadgets.

Time management for exam question

Exam board council has given you enough time to read your question paper briefly. When invigilator gives you question paper, don’t try to start with the first question. Read the paper with a bird eye view and then start solving those sections in which you are strong. Difficult questions or questions whose answers you don’t know should be solved after the completion of easy questions. You need to manage your exam time accordingly that you can give time to all the questions.

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Answer Sheet should be clean and neat

I have seen many candidates who spoil their whole hard work by just making their answer sheets dirty. They put dots on their sheet with pen or pencil and make sheets like a rough paper. Try to make your answer sheet neat and clean so that examiner can easily read it.

When you get puzzled

Sometimes it seems that the question paper is out of syllabus. It is really a big problem for students. I found many students saying “Paper was out of syllabus”. In this kind of situations, don’t ever get hopeless. If it seems that paper is out of syllabus then try to re-read the whole paper. Second learning of question paper will definitely give you an idea to solve it. Never get puzzled in these situation and try to fight with it because the paper is not only for you, it is difficult for all the students.

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Take complete time

Few students are always in hurry even in the exams, they leave their paper before 3 hours. It is not a good idea at least according to me. I feel that students should devote their 3 hours in completing the exam with their time management. If still they complete the exam before 3 hours, they should re-read their answer sheets to find mistakes. Try to make your paper more impressing for the examiner in the extra time.

So these are top tips to score highest marks in 12th board exams. I hope you enjoyed our article and it will help you in exams. If you feel any problem then hit comment button so that we can help you.