Types of reading skills in English: Reading is not that much favorable by most of the students. They find reading text books very boring and tedious. But without reading, no can succeed in their academics. Reading is really very essential for our academics. And having reading skills is too important for all the students.

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Reading is not just starting from the first world and going till the end. It is more about understanding the storyline of the whole discussion. There are many ways of reading newspapers, test books and magazines. But do you know there are some types where you don’t need to read the whole page. With these types you can save your lots of your time. Especially in exams time, you can have many benefits of these types of reading.

Here I am sharing few important types of reading skills in English. Also check out article on how to improve English communication and speaking skills.

Types of reading skills in English


Scanning types of reading is used to find the relative piece of information that student intends to get. Scanning is a very quick form of reading text books or other materials. Here student reads text just to find out the information that he is seeking for. When he gets that information, he just stops reading the text. Students find this type of reading very helpful when they visit any education and career trip. He just scans his guide book to find relative information and closes the book.

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Skimming is like scanning and sometimes it is referred as gist reading. Here you don’t find a specific piece of information. You target of skimming any text book or newspaper is just to read the main points of the concept or news. Students find it very useful when they read newspapers and magazines. It is somewhat more complex than scanning because students need to memorize all the information he read. Skimming is not a good type of reading for ESL students who are learning English grammar.


It is more time consuming than scanning and skimming. In intensive reading, students look inside the text. It is very important for ESL students as they can identify key vocabulary by the help of intensive reading. Students can improve their English vocabulary skills with this type of reading. It is totally classroom based type of reading and students cannot get its help in exam time. The text learned in intensive reading is not more than 500 words. It is not for long term uses because students forget everything after a particular period of time.

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It is the master of all types of reading. If you ask me then I will suggest extensive reading as the best of all other. In this reading, students read the information for their pleasure. Students read all the information given in the text because they feel happiness in gaining the knowledge. There is not limit of texts that students read. Student read individually and silently. There is no pressure of reading boring texts. One can read whatever he or she wants to read. Mostly researchers use these types of reading for a particular topic.

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These were all the types of reading skills with which students can save their precious time.

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