What are the essential characteristics of a good paragraph? Paragraphs are very essential for any language. Paragraphs are typically a group of many sentences. These sentences are organized in this way that collectively they make a well ordered paragraph. The whole paragraph represents a single sense or thought. These days, paragraph writing is done only for scoring good marks in board exam.

Good paragraph writing has some qualities in it that binds its reader. Readers start loving the paragraph that is smartly written. Of course there is not exact formula or format for writing good paragraphs but still there are some characteristics that should be added into a paragraph to make it unit and interesting. Here I am going to introduce you with some essential characteristics of a good paragraph.

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What are the essential characteristics of a good paragraph?


It is the very bog factor that can make your paragraph the worst or the best. The reason is quite obvious because the whole paragraph represents a single sense or thought. That is why all the sentences should be dependent on each other. All the sentences should be related to the main point of the paragraph.

What are the essential characteristics of a good paragraph?

These should be a specific order in between the sentences. To represent the main idea, all the sentences should follow a specific step by step order. Students make this mistake in most cases because they start there paragraph very well but after that they never write there sentences in order. Important things and other things should be in order.

Content length

I have seen many students who like to write more and more. It is a good habit but excess of anything is bad. No one likes to read long paragraphs because it wastes so much time. A good paragraph is that have proper length of the content and that should be to the point.

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Coherence means relativity between the sentences. All the sentences of paragraph should relate to each other. If one sentence is telling about something then other sentences must be related to it. If the paragraph lacks coherence then it will not produce any sense or it will become senseless.

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It is the best characteristics among all given above as far as I am concern about writing. IF your writing does not bind your readers then it is of no use. Readers should feel like they are reading something very interesting. From the starting point to the end point, reader’s interest should be in the paragraph.

Opening Sentences

Last but not the least is opening sentences. Your opening sentences should like that represent the main idea of the paragraph. Rest of the sentences should be just explaining what you said in the opening sentences.

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So it was all about what are the essential characteristics of a good paragraph? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.