What Essential Characteristic makes a good Cover letter? As we all know that cover letters are prime concerns for many companies. They ask it to know more about you like your skills, experience and for sure your reference. But unfortunately instead of making a good cover letter (informative and unique), candidates are disappointing companies by writing boring cover letters. Candidates are writing their cover letter as they are writing essay for their board exams or academic exams.

The task of making a good cover letter is very challenging and mind storming. If you don’t make it effectively then it will just go into the dustbin. I have seen great changes in cover letters from past few years. It will be good if the candidates be updated about the status change of cover letters. So a cover letter should be informative, unique, error free and mind blowing.

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Now the question comes what Essential Characteristic makes a good Cover letter? Here I am listing few essential characteristic that makes a good cover letter.

What Essential Characteristic makes a good Cover letter?


The use of internet is not hidden from any of us. We all know that we can make a cover letter in few minutes by online tools. And if we don’t take them from internet, we copy it from our friend’s cover letter. What do you think? Companies are not aware of it? Companies find thousands of cover letters with same lines starting from Sir/Madam, unnecessary skills and poorly presented cover letters.

They are very used to of these cover letters that are not unique. A cover letter should be unique and it should represent only you. Also it should not be completely like a resumes. Always add those skills that were not listed in resume. A unique cover letter can make you stand out among all.

What Essential Characteristic makes a good Cover letter?

Cover letters contains information about you that what are your skills and experiences. Instead of making a cover letter according to skills and potentials, candidates list those things that are not necessary for the job. Candidates give many examples when they were good but they should list the best one only.

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Also instead of giving best information about them, candidates add irrelevant information. They should keep in mind that if they don’t make it informative, it may harm them.

Error free

Few students are really very genuine. They never copy their cover letter from anywhere. But they make a Himalayan blunder mistake by doing grammatical mistakes. Grammatical and spelling mistakes look so weird in a professional cover letter.

Always double check your cover letter when you make it. An error free cover letter is compulsory for sure.

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Attention taking

Employers have few seconds to look at your cover letter. And if your cover letter is not able to impress them in these seconds then definitely you will not be selected for the job. Your cover letter should be like one that takes attention of the employer. It does not mean that you will start making flowers on it but a mind blowing cover letter that has something different to tell the employer.


There is a proper format for each document you submit. And if it is not formatted then it looks so odd and unusual. The same thing is with the cover letter. There is a proper format for the cover letters. You need to follow that format to make your cover letter more professional and impressing. See our article: Perfect format of cover letter for job application.

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All your text should be plainly formatted. There is a proper size of texts that should be used.

So it was all about what Essential Characteristic makes a good Cover letter? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.