What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion can be defined as the methodology that takes place among a group of people on certain topics. It is an interview process that is known as one of the best tools for selecting the prospective candidates. Along with companies, this method is extensively used in organizations, colleges and management competitions nowadays. The main motive of a group discussion is to check whether the individual has the required personality skills or not.

What is Group Discussion, Tips, Advantages and Types

How a group discussion takes place?

As we mentioned above, group discussion takes place among a group of individuals. A topic or a certain situation is given to the candidates and they are given some minutes to think regarding the same and after that, they are asked to discuss the topics for 15-20 minutes between themselves. It is one of the best things for screening the potential as well as the skills of the candidates. The evaluation of the group discussion is done by the subject masters on the basis of the discussion. At the end of the discussion, a report will be prepared for identifying facts. Main personality traits that are trying to gauge during GD consist of communication skills, different thinking, team building skills, reasoning ability, interpersonal skills, logical skills, etc.

Advantages of a Group Discussion

Over the years, this method has become a new trend for checking the candidate’s personality.  Have a look at some of the top benefits of a group discussion:

  • Make the candidate comfortable

A group discussion eliminates the candidate’s shyness and lets them express their viewpoints in front of everyone.

  • Promotes engagement in students

During a group discussion, a wonderful question can increase your interest and make you think about it and motivate for making connections with the content. It can result in increasing your overall engagement.

  • Develop important speaking skills

There are many instances in everyone’s life where they have to speak up in a group. They may require asking questions, provide information or argue about a common topic. Speaking in a group is the best way to learn about how to speak about something in front of people.

  • Allow learning about strengths and weaknesses

Participating regularly in group discussions will help an individual to know about his/her weaknesses and strengths in the best possible manner.

  • Creates interest

It is very difficult to maintain the focus and attention of the participants when only a single person talk. Engaging in a group discussion can increase the engagement and add interest to a lecture or discussion.

Tips for Group Discussion

Here is the list of important group discussion tips that should be done during a group discussion:

  1. Clear all your doubts

Make sure to clear all your doubts on the topic before the start of the discussion. Any doubts can result in making you nervous during the group discussion.

  1. Be on time and dress in a formal way

Never be late for a group discussion and dress formal clothes. It isn’t just like a casual discussion as it can help you in getting a job in the company. You require looking well-groomed, attractive and confident in the discussion.

  1. Maintain proper eye contact

It is very important to have a proper eye contact with the other members of the group. The most common mistake made by the individuals is that they only have an eye contact with the evaluators, which should be avoided because they aren’t a part of the discussion. Always speak to your point in an appropriate manner.

  1. Be precise and clear

While a group discussion, you should understand that the main goal is not to speak frequently or for a longer period of time. Here, the aim is to be clear and precise with all your points. The listener should easily understand what you are saying.

  1. Facilitate Other members in the discussion

Always appreciate the contribution from the others. Don’t just try to facilitate only your opinions because it is a group discussion and you should allow others to speak.

  1. Start the discussion if got a chance

If you get an opportunity, try to begin the group discussion with your view. It will help you in making a wonderful impression on the evaluator. However, take this step only if you have full knowledge about the topic. 

  1. Try to add interesting figures and facts

If you want to express your thoughts in a clear manner, then use quotes, statements, facts, figures and daily life examples. It will result in leaving a strong impression on the examiner and let you score well.

  1. Use your natural tone

Do not try to act strangely and use your natural tone as much as possible. Pretending like someone other can make a bad impression on your evaluator. Your opinions will not be portrayed in a clear way if you try to attempt someone else.

  1. Have a good posture

You should sit with a straight and confident posture during a discussion. It will impress the evaluator and increase your confidence.

  1. Promote preparation

Participating regularly in the group discussion can allow the students to prepare well. It can give more knowledge than just a normal lecture or class.

Types of Group Discussion

There are three main types of group discussion that are mentioned below in detail:

  1. Factual Topics

This type of group discussion is based on the factual topics which are related to practical things an ordinary person have in their daily life. The typical example of the factual topics consists of Tourism in India, State of aging people in India, and The education insurance policy of India.

  1. Abstract topics

This type of group discussion is based on the abstract topics such as a children’s poem, a particular language, etc. This type of topics are often not pertained to the discussion, but we cannot rule out any possibility. The main motive of these topics is to test the present lateral thinking along with the creativity.

  1. Controversial topics

These are the most common types of topics because of their argumentative nature. In this type of discussion, a great amount of controversy can be created. Generally, adding these topics in a discussion can create a high noise level that can also temper the members. So, you need to be patient during this type of discussion. Some of the critical examples of this type of discussion are women make better managers, implementation of a government bill, etc.

Points needs to be noted during a group discussion

  • It is extremely necessary for all the group members to use reasoning during the discussion.
  • Always ask questions that will allow you to determine the amount of knowledge about a specific topic other members have.
  • Always make sure all the members of the group are talking about the discussion or topic.

That’s all, we have told you all that is needed during a group discussion. Just need all these carefully and we ensure that you will do pretty well. Just be cool during the discussion and listen what the views of all the participants. It will help you in doing well in the discussion. Good Luck!