What is Noun and types of nouns in English grammar: Nouns are like the backbone of English grammar. This is the very first topic in English grammar if you want to learn English language. Nouns come first when we talk about the grammar of English.

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So with this, noun becomes very important in English grammar. One must know that what are nouns and what are their types. I am giving you complete guide for what are nouns and what are the types of nouns in English Grammar. So here is the definition of Nouns and types of nouns in details with example.

What is Noun and types of nouns in English grammar

What is Noun???­

 A Noun is the name of persons, animals, places or any word which we use to call anything. The examples are given below to explain it clearly.

For example:

  1. Pranav likes Orange and grapes.
  2. Delhi is the capital of India.
  3. Asha was born in July.
  4. Children are playing with toys.

Types of noun

There are basically five types of noun that are described below:

Proper Noun

A proper noun is a name given to a particular person, place or a thing. With the help of following example you can get its complete idea.


  1. Einstein was the great scientist.  
  2. Ram was the emperor of Ayodhya.

Common Noun

A common noun is a name, shared in common by everyone of the same class or group. Here is the example of it.


  1. The cat is a pet animal.
  2. Trees grow everywhere.

Collective Noun

A collective noun is a name given to a number of things related to a whole group or collection.

For example

  1. This is my team of cricket.
  2. Four boys of my batch were absent yesterday.

Material Noun

A Material noun is a word used for the substance of which things are made.

For example

  1. Plastic is volatile in nature.
  2. The table is made up of wood.

Abstract Noun

 An abstract noun is the word used for an action, state or quality.

  1. Greedy people always lack of purity.
  2. Coward person can never fight against hurdles.

These were the basic kind of nouns.

Now I am going to tell you that what is the modern classification of nouns.

Modern Classification: Nouns can be classified into two categories on the basis of modern classification

Countable Nouns

These are those nouns that can be counted. If you want to count them then you can do it easily.

For example

One boy, three girls, four mangoes etc.

Uncountable Nouns

These are those nouns that cannot be counted. One cannot count these nouns.

For example

Ink, Milk, rice, air, wheat, hair etc.

Note: Countable nouns can be used in singular number or in plural number. For Example



Uncountable nouns can be only used in singular number.

Countable nouns are common noun and proper nouns.

Uncountable nouns are abstract nouns material noun and collective nouns.

These were the modern types of nouns.

So in this article of noun we have studied that What is Noun and types of nouns in English grammar. If you feel any problem in learning nouns then hit comment button and tell us. We would love to help you.