What is present perfect tense?

Present Perfect Tense is used to express an action which has completed already but the time of the action is specified. In the sentences which contains words like at the moment, yesterday, one year ago, last week, that day, one day etc. We use present perfect tense in the sentences which contains the words like never, ever, many times, once, before, so far, yet, already etc. For example if a person says,” I have visited the market”. It means that I have completed the task of visiting in the market. This kind of actions happens when the task is complete and thus expressed by present Perfect tense.

Present Perfect Tense is made up of two main parts auxiliary verb has/ have and 3rd form of base verb

What is present perfect tense with examples?Subject +has/have (Helping Verb) +3rd Verb+ Object

Has –> (He, She, It, any Name, Singular noun)

Have –> (I, We, They, You, Plural Noun)

Structure of Present Perfect Tense with Examples

Positive Sentence

In positive sentences, we simply make the sentences according to Present Perfect Tense rules.

For Example

  • He has walked this way before.
  • She has done a good job.
  • I have played so much.
  • You have taught me the lesson.
  • I have bought a new car for my son.

Negative Sentences in the Simple prefect tense

When we make negative sentences, we normally use not after auxiliary verbs has/have.

Negative  Present Perfect tense = Subject+ has/have + not + 3rd Verb +Object

For example

  • Steve has not finished his school work so far.
  • I have not attended his class since last Tuesday.
  • Mark has not passed GMAT exam this year.
  • You have not seen him before.
  • Shelly has not taken her breakfast as yet.

Yes/No Questions in the present prefect tense

When you make any question that can be answered as yes or no, then you should start it with auxiliary verb followed by the subject and the 3rd form of base verb.

Yes/No Sentences = has/have + Subject + 3rd Verb+ Object?

For example

  • Have you watched this movie already?
  • Has Leena washed her clothes yet?
  • Have you solved all the questions?
  • Has Joolie read this book twice?
  • Have you ever missed me?
  • Has she failed in the examination thrice?

Wh- Questions in the present perfect tense

When you make any question that starts with wh word, then you should start it from wh word  and then add auxiliary verb, after that subject followed by the 3rd form of base verb.

Wh words are when, why, who, where, whom, how, what, how much, how many.

WH Sentences = Wh word + has/have + Subject + 3rd Verb+ Object?

For example

  • Which technology have you worked on before?
  • Where have you visited several times?
  • Why has she sent me this gift?
  • When have you come back from England?
  • What have you done with this book?

Tag Questions in the present prefect tense

Tag questions are those questions which are answered at the end of the sentence. They can be simply made by adding auxiliary verbs.

For examples

  • I have visited the market, have you not?

You can also use tag questions in positive sentences

  • She has not done a good job, has she?

More Examples to unfold some other aspects

  • Why have you not done anything yet?
  • I have not worked with this company yet.
  • Why have you never studied in this before?

I hope you have enjoyed this article and get what you wanted. So this was all about what is present perfect tense with examples. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then comment below so that we can solve out your problems.

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