Which medium is best for IAS exam- UPSC Preparation: Selecting the best medium for IAS exam is always a crucial task for the aspirants. They need to choose their medium of writing very carefully because it is their medium that will play an important role in the final selection. A language is a tool with which one can express their view, feeling and opinions.

So medium of language must be like one that makes you comfortable in writing. You have to loyally express yourself in front of UPSC council panel, so it’s better to choose medium of IAS exam based upon your interest instead of fashion or trend. Here I am writing some points to be considered while selecting the best for IAS exam.

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Which medium is best for IAS exam -UPSC Preparation

Availability of books

Medium of IAS exam should be chosen on basic of availability of books. Aspirants say that only English books are available formany subjects like Public administration, geography and economy but it is not true. There are many books available for these subjects in Hindi. Even there are many coaching institute where you will be taught according to your medium of IAS exam. Still there are few languages in which most of the subjects are not written so at that time you need to choose medium very carefully.

Should be Comfortable not Trendy

Choosing English language as medium has become the new trend of IAS exam. It is a fact that the numbers of candidates choosing English as medium for IAS exam are more. But still there are many examples of candidates who cleared IAS exam with other mediums. So your medium of IAS exam should be one in which you feel comfortable. It should not be trendy or according to the fashion.

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Hindi in Main

English medium candidates will get the benefits of their medium in prelim exam. But Hindi medium candidates should choose their medium Hindi in main exam. Hindi medium candidates must not feel any fear of prelim second paper, a little effort can made it easier for them.

Still read English

Still if you are going to be the IAS, it would be better to learn English. One needs to improve English because it will help them a lot throughout the whole journey of IAS exam. English will help you to improve your reputation socially. To improve English, candidates must read newspapers like The Hindu and Indian Express.

It was all about β€œWhich medium is best for IAS exam –UPSC Preparation?” I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.