Why to take upsc as a four year plan- UPSC Preparation Tips: Union Public Service Commission is an Indian most prestigious exam. It is like a life dream for millions of its aspirants. Every year the counting of UPSC aspirants increases by a huge numbers. And as the number of aspirants increases, the probability of being an IAS decreases for an aspirant. All the aspirants have only one dream in their mind that they have to be an IAS and for this dream they give many years to UPSC preparation.

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Also it has become a thumb rule in India that if you want to be an IAS then you have to invest at least four years of your life. I ask you,

Is it so necessary?

Surely your answer will be NO because there are many aspirants who cleared UPSC in their first attempt.

Up to this instance, it is fine because these are all just talks. But when it comes to you, believe me or not you will also follow this thumb rule of FOUR year PLAN. Here I am giving you some tips that why you should not take UPSC as a four year plan.

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Why to take upsc as a four year plan- UPSC Preparation Tips

UPSC is both a goal and a journey

The very first mistake aspirants do is that they consider UPSC only as a journey. These types of aspirant just travel for four years to clear UPSC and leave after they don’t clear. Also there are many aspirants who think that UPSC is a goal, they just quite from UPSC if they don’t clear UPSC in their first attempt.

We need to understand that UPSC preparation is a journey and being an IAS is a goal. You need to consider both if you want to crack UPSC. Believe in your self and do self study.

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UPSC is not bigger than an Aspirant.

Not just for UPSC, this point is for all the competitive exams that no exam is bigger than an aspirant. And it is same for UPSC because any exam can never be so big that an aspirant cannot crack it. Whoever tops in the UPSC exam, he was also the aspirant of UPSC in the past. So aspirants break UPSC and UPSC exam is made accordingly that an aspirant can break it.

UPSC is more about awareness and discipline.

If there are so many dancers in the world then why the name of Michael Jackson comes into our mind when we talk about dancing. Also, when you give an interview then why interviewers check your knowledge about your culture, world and everything related to you. There is only one reason for both the questions that is AWARENESS. If one is aware of what he is doing and what is happening around him then he will be the best in all the fields whether in dance, cricket, education and UPSC.

Discipline is the key ingredient in the recpie of UPSC preparation. It is your discipline that makes you working for one year. If you are not disciplined than UPSC is not for you. Read as many interview as you can they will surely tell you that discipline made them different from other. So it is necessary to be in discipline at least for one year.

Where is your strategy?

If someone says that this time he is not having any strategy and he is just continuously working then he must be making of fool of himself. Strategy comes in smart work. And success in UPSC is the combination of smart work and hard work. So never neglect your strategy because it is your strategy that will help you in preparing typical part as well as easy part of subjects. Also there are many benefits of studying in groups so make groups and study with them.

You are here because you deserve it.

Don’t blame yourself just because you s missed UPSC last year. You are given chance again because you deserve to be an IAS. And you had given first chance because you deserved UPSC at that time too. So forget about the past and start preparing for UPSC from now and be aware of everything. Try make notes of each section because there are many benefits of making notes.

Now forget four years and it will be better for that you focus on this year only.

It was all about Why to take upsc as a four year plan- UPSC Preparation Tips I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.