Tips to Improve English Communication Skills:You have read many articles regarding how to learn English in 10 days etc. But do you really think that you can speak in English within 10 days. Here I will just recommend you that don’t make fool of yourself by thinking that anyone will give you a magic stick and you will be able to speak English very fluently. The bad part is that it is not possible for anyone to speak in English within 10 days apart from any exception. Now the question arises that how can you improve English speaking skills |Tips to Improve English Communication Skills |and how much time is required?

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Frankly speaking I just never say that English speaking can take 1 month, 1 year, or 5 years. It is just a matter of your belief, willpower and dedication. But still I say that define a time table for it and work on it like do and die situation. So just define a limited time to improve English speaking skills. Now start with these following tips to improve your English speaking skills.

Tips to Improve English Communication Skills,Speaking skills

1.Don’t ever get afraid of English

Firstly you need to get over the fear that you cannot speak in English. It is only due to lack of confidence. But it is really the game of practicing only. And rest, have faith in you because no one is born winner everyone have to fight to win.

2. Start from the base

If English is not your mother language then you firstly need to understand its basics. So learn all the tenses of English and try to make sentence on the basis of these tenses. With this you will get complete idea that in time which type of sentences should I use. Let’s consider an example.

I go to the market. (Present Tense-Current time)

I went to the market. (Past Tense-Passed time)

I will go to the market. (Future Tense-Upcoming time)

3. Read English magazine, comics and Newspapers

Read newspaper but oh no Its really seems boring, so an English magazine or comic whatever you like, start learning them. I recommend all of these because in newspapers there are about 150 words which are repeated again and again and once you have good command on those words you will be able to understand the meaning of complete article written in English.

4. Watch movies with English subtitles

When I was a student there were many teachers who told me that watch English movies and I also tried to watch English movies but I just used to get bored from these movies. The main reason was that I never understood what they talk in English. Then one day, one of my teacher told me that watch movies but in your language and with English subtitles. This will help you a lot in learning English. I did the same and it really helped me a lot so you can also try this if you are not able to understand English movies.

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5. Speak in front of mirror

Speaking English in front of mirror seems idiotic but ask all of those who did this and really improved their English skills. As I think this is the first time when anyone starts speaking English. It gives you confidence that yes if you can speak in front of you then you can speak in front of all. And after that start speaking in English in front of others which give you real experience.

6. Join English speaking classes if you don’t have good environment at home

Yes it is a very critical step because as a writer I never say that join an English classes. But if you do not have environment in which you can talk in English then go to English classes. The reason being for it is simple because you should keep in touch of those who speak in English and at least English coaching center is the same place.

So these all are the Tips to Improve English Communication Skills,Speaking skills Techniques with which you can improve your English and Learn English.

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